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Handcrafted Luxury Plectrums

Our guitar picks are crafted from the finest materials around using precision machining & meticulous craftsmanship.

The result is one of the best plectrums around that’s not only exact in specifications but is aesthetically pleasing & performs at the highest levels of Grip Tone, & a Comfortable Hold.

How Our Picks Are Made

We start by selecting only the most premium materials ranging from cast acrylics, exotic woods like Macassar ebony (no softwoods, they wear down too quickly), and other cast materials such as this snakeskin material shown in the video.

The process itself begins with exacting measurements & the use of a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine. Whether that be our CNC Router Table or our custom built CO2 Laser Unit.
Precision matters in order to reach our goal of repeatable excellence. This also allows us to employ personalized engravings & create custom picks on a whim or when inspiration strikes.

What follows is meticulous crafting through machine sanding & finally hand sanding. The picks are methodically carved & shaped to develop their ideal playing characteristics. This takes time & dedication to master but the result is well worth it.

Speaking of custom guitar picks, we now offer guitar plectrums made to your specifications. You choose the material, you choose the shape, you choose the finish on your picks. Tap the link below to learn more about customizing your dream plectrum.
>>custom guitar picks<<

iron age acrylic handcrafted guitar plectrums

Our Plectrum Benefits

When you use an Iron Age plectrum, we can almost guarantee you will notice a difference & improvement in your playing. We can point to the inspiration within us that’s embodied in the pick itself, an energy transferred to you as if passing a baton in some sort of creative race. But we can also point to the fact that countless of our customers observe and agree upon a few points when it comes to our features & benefits.
Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Grip - Many of our picks feature combinations of coarse textures on the face (where you hold them), as well as deep engravings, grip holes, and even emblems for tactile grip.

  • Tone - Our picks are massive. This sort of mass just transfers energy more efficiently from your hand to the string. Add a little bit of texture & feel the satin-smooth drag like the rosin of a violin. Polish it up instead & it’s a brilliant glassy voicing.

  • Comfort - Sure our plectrums are big & pack a punch. But this thickness also aids in grip (see point 1) AND comfort. Our picks are so comfortable to hold because they’re substantial. Not only that, they’re a great choice for those with grasping issues or carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Dynamics - No flex. Our picks are rigid & play true. Stiff guitar picks allow for more control & dynamics in your playing. Sure they can be louder but comparably, they can also be softer depending on how much force you want to exert. The result is a wide range of creative expression that’s right for any occasion.

Quality > Quantity

“Quality is never an accident.
It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”  
~William A. Foster (MOH Recipient, 1945)

Limited Edition Guitar Picks

For the pick collectors & plectrum connoisseurs, there are limited editions available periodically. These picks are the crème of the crop & made from the most exotic materials including marbled carbon fiber, Fordite (Detroit Agate), Resin Art, aerospace composites, & engineering plastics.

These pieces are not only pleasing to the eye but are a joy to hold & are crafted to be functional. Many of these picks come & go, some annually for New Years, bi-annually, some are available only once & in even rarer cases, each one is numbered specifically - A one-of-a-kind.

Click below to uncover a new gem, whether for a friend or a gift to oneself. After all, you deserve it.

Iron Age luxury guitar picks tone plectrum
iron age guitar picks & plectrums

The Choice Is Yours

Have you ever wondered what the best plectrum is for you?
There’s so many facets to take into account such as thickness, materials used, the contouring (beveling), how sharp is the pick, what shape is it, what’s the finish (polished or gritty), on and on…

Want to get an idea on what to look for?
Maybe you already know, or maybe you enjoy exploring the newly resuscitated  world of guitar picks. All these topics are covered in depth in our ultimate guitar pick guide. Tap the link below to learn more.

Custom Guitar Pick Service

Apart from our premium stock of plectrums, we now offer customization by the dozen. This is a wholesale option that offers our picks at 50% off in exchange for a minimum of 12 picks.

You design it, we make it a reality.
With Iron Age custom guitar picks, we can create the pick shape, beveling style, finishes, & engravings that you desire. You can be as experimental as you like or order a traditional shape with minor modifications to taste.

If you’re a band or have a guitar-related brand, these custom guitar picks can be ordered as merchandise for re-selling. This is guaranteed to make a unique offering to your fans unlike anything else out there.

Last but not least, if you’re only interested in personalizing a single guitar pick, then see our personalized guitar pick service page.
Add this service to your order along with whatever pick you choose & we can engrave your initials, logo, or design on your plectrum.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Break away from the pack & follow your own path with Iron Age

iron age guitar accessories, handcrafted plectrums

About Us - Est in 2015

Iron Age Guitar Picks is no stranger to creating desirable products but also has established a reputation of reliable service.
With thousands of positive reviews over the years, there’s hardly another guitar pick brand that holds a candle in this regard.
>>Review Section<<

We make products that align with our “Iron Age” theme, products that we would use, that we would like to see brought into the world but also combine this with requests & improvements suggested to us by our customers around the world.

One thing is for certain - Our guitar picks are not for everyone.
If you’re purely after stats, specifications, & seeing things at face value, we probably aren’t the brand for you. We are about the story behind the product, what it represents conceptually, the craft, breaking out of the mold, & letting our burning passion engulf all that we do.
Like music, it’s meant to be felt, not merely calculated.


Founder & Jack of All Trades
Hard rock & heavy metal enthusiast, photographer,
tinkerer who loves to discover what makes things tick.


Customer Service, Maker, Marketing & Sales
Multi-instrumentalist, polyglot, & seeker of knowledge.
Coffee & books are numero uno.

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